Thursday, January 13, 2022

Once again, the Fish is proven right


It's a curse to be always right and never believed.  Of course, I never remember being wrong, that's too painful.  I like being wrong if it leads to a better hypothesis, and I can be more right.

When I got the first covid, before anybody knew what it was, I loaded myself up with my cannabis oil, to the point of very slow walking to the bathroom.  I felt the virus going deeper and deeper into my upper tract, towards the lungs, and I knew if it got there, I was in the hospital, like the dang relative who gave it to me.

But, I stopped it.  The cannaboid system in the body has an unknown purpose.  Why are those receptors there?  The opiod system is there for reproductive pleasure.  Nevertheless, filling the cannabis receptors must do something, as outlined in the article.

My cannabis oil stops pain and inflammation.  It works, for a while, then the forces that caused the problem get worse.  Either you get older, or you are back to the old habits that caused everything.  Everybody I've given it to, just goes back to being ridiculous.

We have found that the pure stuff, such as what they are talking about, doesn't do anything.  Obviously, it does.  My stinky mess has thc, and all the other little cannabis chemicals.  I think that's important.  So, when you got covid, just chug it down.  Or, do it before.

I feel so generally cured of all the little aches and pains that I hardly touch it any more.  That's the opposite of addictive pain killers.  Other experiences may vary.

ps.  I'm always right, or always wrong, depending on my mood.

pps. totally right about natgas, after a year.

just don't ask about timing.


brent said...

You had to use the MSM to back up your theories. Shame lol

Harold Asmis said...

Oh, finally found that MSM is main street media. whoops mainstream media.