Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Cold comes down again


The cold is firmly established.  There was one lunge, and then it was fought back by a very weak plume from the Gulf.  Wasn't even a plume, just some warm air.

You can see that there is a strong lunge again.  All the Arctic land is going to 50 below, and some -60.  It's funny how warm the Arctic ice is, mainly because of lots of heat energy coming from freezing the ice.

The world is still showing weak northern plume activity.

In Europe, a strong cold bulge, is fighting a weak plume.  Neat.

Cold is weather.  It is never reported by the phillie press.  It has nothing to do with clange.

ps.  darn.  Just over sinus cold, and now going down the omicron path.  blah.

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