Saturday, January 29, 2022

Dallas Freezes

 It's only just below freezing at night, not like 20 below or anything.

This is very cold, but it is expected the the warm side of the clipper will hit us for a day.  It's also protecting Texas.  The east coast is going to get cold, and natgas is showing it.

We now have to see if the storage report calms people down.  They can only drain at a maximum rate, so the market might be fooled again.  Looking at all the 50 below air, there is a 10% chance they will run out.

ps.  and in Florida, we have the annual 'Fall of Lizards'

pps.  in some good news, a search reveals that 'polar vortex' is being used less and less.  As well as 'kinky jetstream'.  Instead, all attention is to the warm air going north, rather than the cold air.

more:  beautiful pattern of nor-easter hitting New England.

fin -- oh, you can watch Times Square and the snow.

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