Monday, January 31, 2022

Association to be Perfectly Reasonable in All Things

 I'm forming new organization to fight single-issue fanatics -- Assprat  We will point out all the other single-issue groups, and how they conflict with all the other single-issue groups.

Assprat will get funding from the reasonable people of the world, if we can wake them.  Right now, every single published word, or video is funded by fanatics.  You can get excited about your issue.

Single Issues with money

For example - let's pour all the money into climate and ignore pandemics.

Let's block all the roads and cause the deaths of millions at the bottom of the Standard of Living.

Let's all go to masks, because we have an interest in mask companies.

Let's whip up housing frenzy making things unaffordable for young people.

Those are single issues.  Assprat will fight this.  We are looking for members -- anyone?  Hello?  Preferably with money to burn.  Hello?

ps and corporate ads--

Let's be reasonable in all things

..and support our monopoly -- BELLYROGER INC.

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