Tuesday, August 17, 2021

NASA joins with the Euros to make a formidable climate change story


Well you can't argue with the all-encompassing clange.  In fact, you could never 'argue' with it, since it is philosophy, and they have the best debaters.  Ugly people like me must be ground into the dirt.  (OMG, it's a high school movie!)

Right now, there are only two 'heatwaves' on Earth, and the UK always wanting a heat wave they'll never get.

I suppose that, with philosophy, imaginary heat waves are as good as the real thing.

I'm going to enjoy the Toronto heat wave.  Off to the cottage tomorrow.  Without tropical plumes, the West has it's natural weather.  Studies of ancient communities show huge droughts.  I suppose that's when the Pacific just turned off for 300 years.  It could happen while the rest of us freeze, and it will be clange.  

Anyway, I digress.  Everybody has to join forces to prevent any physics that might show we are going to freeze when the Pacific turns off.  All the northern currents turned off after 2016, but we'll never hear about it.  Our winter is going to be ridiculously cold, but it is 'extreme' weather, caused by clange.  I just love the defence that we are getting warmer, while getting colder.  It's fun.

**the Scientific Method doesn't rely on charismatics, only experiments.  Not good for social media.

ps.  canning more tomatoes in the horrible heat.  All done outside.

pps.  main media is now totally clange.

I can sleep soundly now.

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MiNS said...

It's going to be a snowy winter I fear... Hot, cold, hot, cold. Catalunya last week it was 42c and this morning 14c and a howling gale. If that sort of nonsense carries on in the cold months then eek.

I've changed my name from NeilT to MiNS (mate in North Spain).