Saturday, August 28, 2021

Cottage Report - Cold Front

 End of the heat wave up here.  We ended up staying for more than a week, which is unusual for us.  We had friends up and the kids want to have parties at the house.  Stay up there, they said.  

Just took this with the drone.  Shows the grey sky, and the calm lake.  I love the cheap little drone.  It could use a better gps, and a better camera, but all that is more money.

The Arctic ice volume is starting to leave the 'warmer' curves and plunging into the average, since 1980, which was when we started to be able to monitor it.  Most likely, it was only sensitive to volume since 2000, when there was radar.

Arctic ice extent is probably good back to 1981, and it is going off on its own.

I think the volume is a better indicator of 'cold', but it's a younger product.

ps.  just chopped down my first rotten oak tree with my new electric chainsaw.  It was too cold in the morning to work, and now it's too hot.

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