Friday, August 13, 2021

Pacific heat engine shuts down again - more cold

 It really is my old lawnmower -- chuga chuga ... poof.  

All the small detail of linked vortexes is gone.  A couple of hurricanes have sucked out the heat.  For us to be warm we need tropical moist air plumes, or monster hurricanes.

No warmth in the Pacific belt.  That bit in the north is very cold, just warmer than normal.

The sputtering of the engine hasn't made my sunspot buddy happy.  He ignored the Spencer plot uptick because it didn't fit into his philosophy.  Now he should be happy, and things will correlate.  Warmies will ignore the fact it's going to get really cold, and the Arctic ice volume will hit new records.  The UK is still waiting for a heat wave.  Poor schnooks.

I'm tired of gas engines that won't start.  I'm retiring the cottage gas chainsaw and got a neato electric one with sharpening.  I always hit the damn rocks and go through chains like toilet paper.

The electric motors are really powerful now, thanks to the Chinese monopoly on rare earth magnets.  And they have a monopoly on small gas engines.  And I just bought a new drone direct from China.  Yeah, let them kill everybody.  

My Honda gas snowblower is good for the upcoming severe winter.


Unknown said...

"sunspots buddy"
Does he like to make a linkage with the sun's activity and earth weather and or climate.
The sunspots vary an an 11 year cycle. THe climate varies on a much longer period.

I've not been current with your postings.

I want someday to canoe to your place, on the NW side of the liquid accumulation.

Harold Asmis said...

Yes, some philosophers are very adamant about the 0.1% variation in the solar flux. I'm super-secret about the lake, but you can canoe from the public landing.