Thursday, August 12, 2021

Terrible little kid


There he is, from old super-8 film.  About 1960.  At the Peterborough zoo.  At home, he was with his gang and they wandered all over the Scarborough bluffs, risking life and limb.  They just let the kids go wild in those days.  

ps.  because he loved the Lone Ranger, his statue should be torn down.

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Penny said...

Ah... what a cute kid!
Playing in water too.
Thanks :)

PS: I'm freezing tomatoes and zucchini,shredded for baking or zuke pancakes, additions to tomato sauce, soups etc.
Love zucchini pancakes--- yummy, yummy

and yes I recall running quite wild as a child- lots of children around at that time to run with (large families, including my own)