Monday, August 23, 2021

Cottage report - hot and hazy

 This is a 'dead air' heatwave, like that of my youth.  At least we have less coal burning than then, and the fires are fairly normal.  We were lucky and got an inch of rain yesterday.  We were caught by surprise and everything is wet.

An inch of rain will keep this area clear of fires for a while.  Everything starts dying off in a drought, and the trees had enough stress with the chewing caterpillars.  

ps.  Wow!  We just got hit by the exact same storm (storm line) as yesterday.  Another inch of rain in the soil bank.  This storm just grew over us, and probably nobody else will get the rain.

pps. continuous rain here.  The lake will go up a couple of inches.

more:  drone picture after all the rain.  It's pouring down the cliff.


Sunset on the cliffs.  The crazy drone had a gps thing and took off.  I had to find it, and I had the live picture.  Suddenly there was the back of a guy in the picture, and it was me.  It was in some deep bush and perfectly fine.  Crash #1.  The other drone had about 10 crashes.

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