Thursday, August 19, 2021

RSS also shows the little kick-up


RSS is also showing the little kick-up, that was the result of the Pacific trying to start up again.  From the physics of heat energy, we most likely won't be seeing that again next month.

The Arctic ice volume is still following the average curve, so nothing exciting there.

And we have only two heat waves in the world.  Mine, which I am enjoying, and Siberia.  Expect to see lots of articles.  Meanwhile, snow in the mid-west.

ps.  fun in the news - warmies lament that the UN doomstering didn't make all the front pages.  And the UK has the 'year without a summer', while constantly hoping.

There's no heat in the forecast.  Tabloids are limited to pictures of girls in winter outfits.  Sad.

ps.  that poor girl is freezing to death.

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