Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Red Devil foam can won't stop

 Yeah, these one in a million things always happen to me.  

I was trying to fill some holes at the cottage.  We have a steel roof and after a lot of years, the 'foam fills' in the gaps tend to fall out.  I've been foaming them with a high-expansion foam and my favourite was Red Devil from Amazon.

So, I get all set up to foam and start the can.  And it won't stop!  I thought I would just hurry along but the ladder had to be moved, etc.  It was an I love Lucy episode.  When I stopped, the foam just kept blooping on the ground.  I kept it foaming, since that was a bit slower than just letting the gas escape.

I sent a note to the company, but they're American, and too busy dying with covid.  Sad.  It's too much work to wrestle Ammie for a refund.  So, I just have this note.  

Once all the foam cowpies harden up, I'll burn them in the fire pit.  The cottage is the place of 'good enough'.  :)

The cottage is the last redoubt of steel roofs because of aggressive lichen that eats asphalt roofs.

ps.  a work of art

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