Friday, August 13, 2021

NOAA world temperatures show July is warmest ever


Yes, if you bring out a lens, it's the warmest July.  Some people might say it's flat, but we never put in error bars.

This plot shows that the year continues to be way down.  It only shifts in January for some reason.

The standard plot of all months shows we have poked up a bit.  As this goes on, I think it will be difficult for the warmie school of philosophy, sophil, to define colder as warmer.

ps.  Oh yeah, he can call it!

pps.  although the hottest July on record, by one hundredth of a degree from flat, it is not the hottest month on record.  That's an 'unintentional' oversight that will never be corrected.

more: it's funny that the news is like the 'telephone game'.  Everybody copies from the other, and soon there are endless articles making it hotter and hotter.

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