Thursday, November 2, 2023

Why world air temperatures are driven by the Northern Hemisphere

 Whenever we deal with world temperatures, we do not expect seasonal signals.  However, both the surface air temperatures (and the Hawaii co2) show a strong summer hump.

I was looking at that and realized the obvious, that the NH has more continental area.  With stagnant air being a new thing, the 'Death Valley' effect is all over the continents.  The stagnant air comes from a lack of heat energy in the oceans, and when that combines with the Sun overhead, it leads to desert climate everywhere.

Thus, our new summers of the ice cycle become the fodder for influencer parties.  Everybody loves pictures of pretty ladies sweating in the heat, which is all over the media.

The S Hemi shows it's seasonality, but the temperatures are in the crowd.

Finally, we have the tropics, which show the double hump.  I don't have a clue why it is high.  Might be that micro hot spot in the West Pacific.

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