Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Not that cold yet


Almost at 60 below for Greenland.  The Arctic is still charging up.  

I'm getting out of this 'doom and gloom' talk.  We all want happy thoughts of a nice mild winter.  

Straight talk for the winter:  2016 was the combination of the peaks of two regular cycles for the Earth.  One is the decade cycle of 20 years or so.  That gives us things like the 70's freeze.  The other is the 300 year cycle that gave us the Little Ice Age, and the Roman warming period.  The fantasy talk was all about how these cycles were broken now.  This is the standard talk for all cycles.

We are now entering the opposite of 2016, both cycles are diving.  I'm not getting any joy out of reporting this, since I am in the middle of it.  For Canada, this is nothing, since -40 isn't any different from -20.  Merry Christmas!

ps.  as usual, I'm stopping all this and taking a sabbatical while the houses of nooa and nosa fall down around their ears.  I don't want to be blamed!!  If any new reader wants to send a note, it'll keep me going...  Questions are welcome.

pps.  I got one extra reader, I'll do one more post...


dani said...

I always find your blog very interesting as a geologist

Harold Asmis said...

Oh, Oh! 4 readers!

Joe said...

You can count me as 5.
I've been following you for years.
Just never had a question you didn't already present.
Have reposted many clips on investorvillage.
Under jbasel314 in the end everything is resolved with pie.

Harold Asmis said...

Yeah, big investment thing going with natgas and a -60 Arctic spill. I'll officially bump up the readers to a dozen, although it will scare the warmies too much.