Thursday, November 30, 2023

Physics of the Arctic channel flow -- the double bubble math problem


This is not a math problem.  Can you imagine getting 'pure maths' people involved?  I'm just using it because I don't want to draw anything, and my poor dozen readers are hit on the head enough times.

I'm using this to show the Arctic bubble of cold air that is 'breathing' right now.  Soon it won't be breathing, but just bleeding cold air in channels.  This bubble forms when the Arctic is not disturbed by nasty warm air plumes.  That's when it hits 60 below.

That bubble builds up to the stratosphere, which is near-vacuum and gets to 90 below and colder.  So, it's really a scoop of ice cream and it starts to bleed, and makes a mess because of density.  Early in the fall, we can get huge lobate (arcs) blobs.  Something like that hit Texas a while ago.

But blobs are not the worst, it goes to channels because the channels 'dig' their way into the earth and make it easy for continuous flow.  Once a channel establishes itself, it never stops.

Okay, I can hear my geologist reader saying 'Bloody air won't dig into rock', and that's true.  The physical train track for the continuous air flow isn't a physical trench, but a trench made of extreme cold.  The land or sea gets all the heat sucked out of it, and it remains a log chute for the cold air spill.

You don't want to have one of these carved over you.  So what do we have for proof?  That's hard to find because the warmies have cut off all the funds for the necessary physics and the Scientific Method.  According to them, all physics stopped in 1850.  nosa and nooa stopped all SM work, and only send satellites and balloons to look for 'safe' things that confirm their groupthink.

But we have Siberia last year.  The air flow carved a channel that lasted all winter.  Nobody reported on it, and, of course, nobody studied it.  Since it was Siberia, it could safely be ignored.  However, it spun out a huge number of cold-driven storms that soaked California.  Did you ever hear an explanation for that?  Also, it gave Toronto a mild winter.

This year I have been predicting a channel carved over the UK, which will give continuous -30 and 'freeze the Thames', if that concrete ditch could be frozen over.  I based that on historic accounts of the Little Ice Age, which suggested that these channels move around.  One may be carved over Edmonton, which will soak Texas in -20, all the time.

It is difficult to carve the channel over water, but ice is a different story.  Topography around the Arctic prevents channels going over highlands, so they only carve in a few places.  The nice thing about channels is that everybody outside of them can ignore everything that is going around them.  Selective observation is the foundation of group think.

If any other new readers comment, along with their interests, I can make up new analogies for them, as well.  I won't count readers over a dozen.

ps. this article is too horrible.  I'm stopping again, unless I get some new reader comments.  Nothing good comes from freezing people to death...

pps.  thank goodness nobody will read me again.  There will be millions of dollars spent to prove that physics doesn't exist.  I can give up.

I like how 'extreme weather' is all about freezing.  That darn El Nino...

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