Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Who you gonna call? -- Apple Chopper!

 All the names have been munged to protect me.

When I figure out how to use it, I'm going to start a side-hustle.


Apple Chopper

Annoyed by that rich friend who has a new shiny apple?  She brings it out and says "Look at this shiny apple, it costs twice as much as your fruit.  It doesn't do much more, but the main point is that it costs twice as much!"

Time to call Apple Chopper!  For only a fraction of the cost of a new shiny apple, you have lots of fun.  You want to take a tickytok video, and she whips out here shiny apple. "This is much better, it costs twice as much."


The apple starts smoking in her hand, while you take the video.  EEEP!  We have satisfaction.


Now, I have been on lesson one for a few weeks now, and I'm sure I need to get up to lesson 50.  Dang, it's complicated, but I can dream....

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