Thursday, November 2, 2023

Spencer plot shows the spike is flagging


This shows the 'great celebration' of heat.  However, it was caused by a micro hot spot in the middle of the Pacific, and that is fading.  So, the spike is becoming flat.  Nevertheless, it is going up a bit and there can be parties.

Also, we are still riding the stagnant air heat of the continents.  All in all, this is probably a useless measurement.  However, the upcoming nooa plot may still include the spike.  This spike will fall hard in the next few months.

In general, using air temperatures has no physics.  Air cannot hold any heat energy, compared to the oceans.  It has no 'memory' of what has happened before.  That is why the concept of projecting a straight line has problems.  I am not making a statement about the long-term forecast -- I am happy to just report on what is happening.  We are now at a state of total collapse of heat energy, but it doesn't realize it is dead yet.  Same with the Toronto housing market, the banks are propping it up, and nobody has to sell.

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