Monday, November 6, 2023

Time of permanent cyclones at an end

 The weather patterns are shifting.  No flow through the Bering Str. has ended the west coast cyclones, and these were penetrating the continent.

The end of this pressure may give us a mucky clipper.  Rather than the usual clipper mechanism, this is just cold air up against the Pacific air.  Perhaps lots of snow.

No more warm air is being pushed over Africa, and this shuts down Atlantic action near UK.

It's not yet a pure Arctic spill over the UK, but it will soon come home to roost.  The flow by Greenland is so strong, it appears to be taking away from the Canadian flow.

ps.  note the perfect cold-gyre over the Canary Islands.

pps. no sign of elnino yet.  nooa must give an announcement soon, and I'm waiting for it.  It will say ellie and santa have joined forces and will be sliding down the chimney at the usual time.


Neil T said...

Is this what they call "trash talk"? According to this person we're up to our asses in El Niño...,will%20become%20a%20strong%20event.

Harold Asmis said...

Yes, Oct 12, one of a thousand such articles, each vying for attention. They all waiting for the latest from nooa.