Sunday, November 26, 2023

Messy weather, Arctic weak

 No big warm plumes coming up from the equator.  The Arctic is still recharging, and is quite warm.

I can't see anything significant, but the Arctic will do something soon.

Everything is quite tropical, but it is only November.  

Messy weather happens when the cold meets the warm.  This is happening right now over Toronto.  Rain and snow coming.

If we actually had an El Nino, then the only way it would affect our weather would be with warm plumes coming up.  Not happening.

I'm glad people are having happy dreams.  Be careful sunning yourself at 50 below, there could be more UV, as the Arctic hole becomes bigger than ever.

ps.  this is a fun video to watch every day.  

The ice is filling in very fast.  This was the usual extent during our warm cycle.  Now it is filling in.  Those two Arctic islands with the funny names have been ice-free for a while now.  When they are all blocked in, that was a signal for the start of the Little Ice Age in the 1600's.  As well as Holland inventing ice skates, and the Great Freezing of the Thames.

pps. the Arctic is acting like a big puffy engine, due to no heat energy.  It gets really cold, the air gets dense, and it floods over everything.  Then it runs out of air (low pressure).  Right now, it is sucking in the surrounding ambient air, which isn't very warm, and starts the cycle again.  In the summer, we are going to be horribly hot for 2 months.  If people could research the Little Ice Age, and the Medieval Warming Period, they would find out our future weather.  But, no money goes to that.

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