Monday, November 6, 2023

Two movies of the ocean temperatures

 These are neat, in that I found a way to make the video of year to date.

This is the actual temperatures.  You can see that the belt temperature only rarely reaches above 30 which is necessary to do something.  There are some neat waves of warmth and the great red spot forms.  These little warm things have given us a spike in the temperatures.

This the anomaly plot that was used to call an elnino.  It doesn't do anything.  I am waiting for an announcement .

The daily temps are still going down into the crowd.

ps with the sea surface temp video, watch the waves of red going through.  These are caused by clear air side-bands and are moved along by the current.  The weather of the world is changed if there is a stationary band of red.  Red means 'over 30', and is the point of action, when convection is heavy and warm air is injected into the upper atmosphere.

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