Wednesday, November 29, 2023

A full Europe Arctic spill starts

 On the Canadian side the Arctic is still sucking in the air.

However, Greenland has a rosy -50 glow, and really, really wants the full -60 smiley face.  Canada only has a clipper.

And just above the Greenland Gap, we see the ominous arc of a full spill for Europe.

Today, I officially accept my readership at an egg-breaking even dozen.  That's the max, since I must maintain the fiction that a warmie attack would do more harm by increasing my readership.  As long as they think nobody reads me, and I stay off tikkytokky, I'm just dirt under their expensive shoes.

And speaking of dirt.

US natgas prices remain wallowing in the mud, despite the cold.  A good Texas -20 is needed to bump that up.  Coming soon.  

ps. and because I got some new people commenting, I'm feeling perky, so here comes the Texas Chainsaw Equatorial Massacre.  

And the obvious effect on Spotty, the El Nino Mirage.  The old micro-El Nino is diving south.  

I am confident that these videos are meaningless to the English Majors that control our media.

ps. a full Arctic is defined the same as a glacier.  It is an object, with mass and energy, not like the fantasy Dancing Jet Stream and Polar Vortex fairies.  When the outbreak comes, it will have airflow behind it.  The potential energy comes from gravity, like a landslide.  It has kinetic energy, and negative (potential) thermal energy from the temperature being lower than ambient.  This mixes geology and physics -- geophysics, my fav thing.

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