Thursday, November 9, 2023

November weather -- gloomy with no change so far

 El Nino is officially here, with every single media article blaming it for every single bout of bad weather.

On the physics front, there is no sign of it.

In Canada, we have a weak clipper hitting Toronto.  More heat energy is spilling over Africa, so the everlasting cyclones may continue.

All the media is crowing about how 2023 will be the hottest year on record, and next year even hotter.  An elnino winter was supposed to give us more snow, now it is less snow, and no matter how much snow we get, it will be blamed on elnino.

Peterson had a big 'anti' conference and no mention of physics.  We will get through a long, horrible winter, and the stagnant air will give us a desert climate in the summer.  There will be no change in the carbon warming story.

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