Monday, November 27, 2023

State of the Oceans - Nov 27, 2023 -- Everything stays the same


A weak return current is not carrying any heat energy.  The Argo floats dive deep, and the current is calculated from their drift, so this is a deep current, driven by ocean convection.

This 'mirage current' is going west, and is driven by the wind.  The apparent warm water is driven by the wind, and must be only a dozen feet deep.  It is also not carrying any heat energy.

The above is the actual sea surface temperature.  It shows the deep convection cells of cold water, which I call a 'chainsaw' going west.  The apparent motion of the anomaly mirage are hot 'spots' between the chainsaw chain points.

I was actually worried that the Gulf Stream was slipping in some heat energy into the Iceland gap, but a careful look above shows the current is branching off the very-strong Greenland current and it is cold.  Last year, the Gulf Steam totally cut off this Arctic spillway.

Above, it looks like a total sock-in for the ice, leaving an unimpeded flow channel for the Arctic spill, and the formal announcement of the Little Ice Age - II.  

As predicted, I'm thinking of two full spill channels, maybe three if you count both sides of Greenland.  The other is Canada.  The Bering Str and Siberia should be dead this year.

As soon as Greenland gives the green light of 60 below, let the fun begin!

ps.  this isn't even near to a full spill

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