Tuesday, November 7, 2023

UK goes back to endless cyclones

 Just when I thought the UK would get the pure Arctic spill, the Atlantic belt has become active again, and started spewing tropical air plumes.

So weird.  But the west coast has changed, and now has a giant cold-gyre.  The Arctic spills are in their 'build-up' pause, and will start again.  The Arctic air is acting as a giant headpond of cold air, and it spills until it runs out, and the cycle starts again.

If the Greenland gap remains closed because of Atlantic plume action, then the Bering Str starts up again, or we get the Canada channel.  Probably in a week.

All in all, too chaotic to call.

ps.  notice a spin-off of cold air that will hit Toronto.

pps.  -5C tonight, there goes the lettuce and brocc.

more: no state of the oceans this week, it's all the same.  It will probably be the same for months.

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