Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Full Arctic air glacier develops


You can see that perfect arc slowly descending.  

At this time of year, it's only -40, but Greenland is getting that rosy glow of -60.  At those temperatures, you don't care about F or C.

Spotty is decaying from the rear, and we always thought the rot starts at the head.  

You can see the air coming down, and that huge warm plume hitting the UK.  I am predicting the end of the big Atlantic plumes, and we'll soon get on to the business of 'Freezing the Thames'.

I am becoming much nicer, less snarky.  That's because I have seasonal depression, and I thought a 'wee dram' of Scotch wouldn't affect me.  That was wrong.  As you cut down the drinking, you become way more sensitive to a mere drop of ethanol.  So, it's 'Not a Drop', until the sun comes back.

That means no more making fun of all those people who are now in a bit of a pickle.

ps. and in other news, I am enjoying my morning cup of coffee.

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