Thursday, November 30, 2023

Australia totally soggy because of El Nino


Because of the millions of dollars going into 'foregone conclusion' studies confirming greenhouse gases, carbon warming, and El Nino, I am going full speed into going along with this.

When I first realized this was a "special" (air quotes) El Nino, I said that Australia would be soggy.  It is always super dry during a normal El Nino.  Lots of money was going into wheat futures.  This article goes on about the wettest November on record, and it's all due to a fickle response of Australia to this " El Nino.  Not the 'specialness' of this El Nino.

Zooming into NA, we can see that the warm side of the clipper is ending, and we are getting an Arctic blob.  This is shaped by the 'permanent' cyclone over Hudson Bay, and this cyclone will stay until the whole bay is frozen over.  The amount of heat energy being released to sustain this, is probably more than a few nukes.

The influx of warmth over the mountains has stopped, but it is bringing up Gulf air.  This was the normal pattern for Pacific plumes to cross North America.  Natgas is staying dirt cheap.

It was only the Australia article that got me going, with my tremendous enthusiasm for all things El Nino.  I'm making a t-shirt -- Millions of dollars?  Gotta be true.

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