Monday, November 13, 2023

The El Nino Mirage Death Watch

 This is happening so fast, I have to keep a constant eye on it.  

This is the anomaly with the Spotty Plague.  All of that remaining heat is north of the equator, and it cannot stay there with winter coming on.

The real image of sea surface temperature shows the 'Giant Swirl Soldiers' tearing it apart.  A video shows how these thing march along to the west.

Finally, we get to the mechanics, if you are interested.  This whole elnino mirage was sustained by a return trickle of water north of the equator.  I'll wait for the next current map, but this is slated to die.  Should it have been a real El Nino, the entire belt would be in reverse.  A real en is caused by a huge build-up of hot water around Indonesia, and that gushes back like a tip bucket.  There are videos of that happening the last time.  There is no heat in Indonesia right now, and the Great Red Spot was a micro elnino that involved the full band.  Neat.

Stay tuned for when the pulse stops, and we can declare it dead, in a fine Victorian manner.

ps.  we'll declare death when all the red spots are gone.

pps.  natgas people have been reading this, but they are like kittens, easily distracted by the next influencer.

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