Thursday, November 16, 2023

Cold air starts its run at Toronto


It's a very unusual run, coming right through the Bering and crossing the mountains.

The endless cyclones are protecting the UK, but that is about to end.

The African spurts have taken another break.  These were also crossing Panama and warming the Pacific, pumping the blood for the dying elnino.

In other news, the Arctic ice volume report is out.

The ice volume is still creeping up.  For those who believe in 'ice momentum' the long trend is always the same, and never changes.

I'm not showing the video of 'Spotty' because it is dying too slowly.  This is the actual sea surface temperature, and you can see that the northern band (where Spotty lives) is narrowing.  The Great Red Spot of a mini-elnino is still there, but fading and moving south.  

ps.  so you can see, Spotty the Pacificness Monster is dying from destruction of habitat. Like a newspaper, I am preparing the obit in advance.

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