Thursday, November 9, 2023

The airline compensation nightmare continues

 This is fun.  Our United flight to Sanfran had a leaky toilet.  All the baggage was loaded before this issue was discovered.  In fact, we had a nice tour around the whole runway before we went back to the original gate.  Then we stayed for hours while the captain argued with the contract maintenance crew about the dangers of raw sewage.

Finally, they cancelled the flight and unloaded the luggage.  They sent us out into the wilderness to find another United counter, but we could not.  A bunch of the passengers corralled the original ladies and forced them to work overtime.  They were very nice and I hope they got it.

Arrival was 13 hours late and according to Canadian law, we both get $2000 in total.

Now, getting it is a nightmare for all airlines.  A complaint went in, the forms were filled, and they have no record of it.  A deadline was passed.  More follow-ups.  la la la.

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