Thursday, November 2, 2023

State of the oceans - Nov 3, 2023

 Ocean currents just came in at Oct 31.

The Pacific belt is stagnant, which gives rise to the phoney anomaly, since it cannot pull up the very deep cold water.

You can see how cold the belt is.  It's showing the cold water plumes, that march along with the video.

Those hooks move along like little soldiers.

The anomaly chart just stays there, and it has been exactly the same for a year.

They made the physics error because they did not account for the ocean currents.  Why should they?  The only do air.  With the real El Nino of 2016, you can see the ocean currents reversing and bringing in extra heat.  The ocean temps zoom up to over 30, which is required to change the weather.  You can see it is only in the 20's, and that is not enough.

I am very surprised they do not 'postpone' santa el nino to Christmas.  Perhaps they can do a norad-like report of the warmth coming up to visit every girl and boy.  But .... nothing.  I'm very concerned for them -- how can they get out of this sticky trap?  I wish them nothing but the best...

Most likely, they will simply ignore that they ever called El Nino.  Who looks at history these days?  Everything is now, now, now.

ps.  meanwhile, the invested ones are getting more desperate to keep in the news.

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