Friday, November 10, 2023

Natural gas price is down, warm El Nino winter expected


I thought they were listening to me, but a week of warmer weather, and they all go to the other side....

This graph is interesting because they all thought (myself included) that it was going to be very cold.  Then the Alaska Arctic spillway opened up and caused endless cyclones to hit California.  This warm air was pushed over the mountains and made everybody warm.  A very rare thing, and the natgas speculators lost their shirts.

Here we are again.  What will save us?  Our micro-elnino in the west Pacific is played out.  The warm air from the Indian Ocean, over Africa also looks weak.  So, I think we'll see a big zoom in natgas again.  

All our heat energy in winter comes from water.  The continents do not store heat.  One clear night and it's all gone.  Once the cyclones are gone, it will be very cold.

ps. so much fun with a spike

can't deny it!

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