Friday, November 24, 2023

UK gets hit with a taste to come, NA gets last Pacific action


UK and Europe are getting hit with the full Monty of an Arctic spill.  However, the Arctic is not at 60 below yet.

In the video, you'll notice a neat Double Wham Bang in the Pacific.  That's a standard cyclone combined with a clockwise gyre, pouring air over the mountains.  That's mixing a bit of warmth to blunt the North American spill.

The Arctic is just starting to show -50 and Greenland is still a tropical paradise of -30.  I'm not showing Spotty, because it is too sad.  He's getting chewed up the equatorial Chainsaw Massacre.  

We need the full Arctic spill of -60 on UK to freeze the Thames, coming to a theatre near you.

ps.  and the world surface temp is finally hitting the crowd, indicating the end of the micro El Nino influence.

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