Saturday, November 11, 2023

Toronto has a new thing

 With ever-lasting shame heaped on certain car makers, and certain police forces, there is a new thing cropping up in Toronto driveways.

These are rugged for 40 below (don't know about ice storms), but are raised by an electric motor.  I would still have some cans of ice melter spray around.  

Our car thieves are having a big party nabbing mostly Lexus cars from little driveways.  They either tap into existing fobs hanging on wooden doors, or they break into the car and reprogram a key.  The people you expect to do something give us the Gallic Shrug.

ps.  for me, I just had to get a new dryer at costco.  Prices are starting to get reasonable again.  I don't know how many times I had to fix the old dryer.

pps.  this tubey thing may be one more victim of my zipperflipper.

more:  oh, mr fancy car.  thing goes up when he is out, and zooming into his driveway.  thing starts to go up up when his is halfway over, and there goes the axle...  Of course, thing goes down for car thieves, because they have a zipperflipper, too.  

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