Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Started the micro-greens

 If you believe that elnino will come any minute now, then you expect a mild winter.  Do not read this.

However, the physics shows this will be the beginning of the next little ice age.  We will have record-breaking winters for years, or decades, or centuries.  All of NA's lettuce growing states will be frozen out.  Fresh produce will come in gold-plated packages.

Now is the time to start a vertical farm of micro-greens.  In Canada, we can count on our electricity and natural gas.  We will laugh that those who want to ban natgas.

I have an arrangement of two big flats, and I circulate water through them.  All the containers are storage bins.  I use clay beads for plant support and I add a bit of miraclegro and kelp to the water.  I can trim about 3 or 4 crops before I take it all out and re-seed.

Fresh greens are essential to live a nice California life in the middle of winter.  They get earthquakes, and we have snow for skiing.  All's good.

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