Sunday, November 12, 2023

El Nino anomaly almost gone

 I said yesterday it would get shoved through the cold equator because of seasonal turnover, and it has happened.

It now looks very sad.  The equatorial belt remains cold.

This has happened much faster than I thought.  In the next few days it will be gone.  

In other news, the Arctic headpond is dead, and a plume has hit it.  The African feed for the Atlantic belt has started again.

We are still in a chaotic stage, and I have no clue.

ps. zooming in on NA, we have no Arctic air at all, and the Pacific air is zooming over the mountains unopposed.  

ps. as further confirmation, the Great Red Spot, or micro-elnino has shifted way to the south in the past few weeks.  I've never kept track of the turnover.

pps.  my leftwinger heart is bleeding for these guys, and the ten thousand media sites that depend on this.  The mirage will pop like a soap bubble, and then what?  Will they continue to just show the old images, like they do now?  Will anybody notice that the emperor has no clothes?  This is all very sad.

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