Friday, November 3, 2023

BC and UK in the soup


Not much to say.  The Arctic spills are at Alaska, Canada and Greenland.  These are creating near-stationary cyclones, that are soaking BC and UK.

You can also see that a lot of Pacific air is coming over the mountains, which gives Toronto some warmer air.

I am still waiting for some update on El Nino.  No such luck.

ps. new Costco opened up the road, with 2 levels of parking.  They have huge elevators that hold 8 carts, but they made a big boo-boo in human nature.  They only have one set of doors, so the first in are last out, and you have to back up the carts.  No Costco high-speed person wants this, so on the first day, they would just go in and stop, and block the elevator, so they could get out first.  They now have the packing girls as elevator attendants.  

pps.  when I first saw they were building two parking levels, I had a brain storm thinking of how they could do it.  I had a huge number of solutions, but  they went and did it the stupidest way possible, and now have to install the new employees to stop the fights...

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