Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Ozone chickens come home to roost


My Christmas gifts are coming in, as physics hits the popular press.  These researchers are still obligated to say 'We don't have a clue what is causing this.', and the climate scienteests trash the 'short term' and go for the 'long term', which by definition, never changes.  The famous 'hockey stick' would have been trashed by this illogical thinking.

“This means that the hole has not only remained large in area, but it has also become deeper [i.e. has less ozone] throughout most of Antarctic spring,” said Hannah Kessenich, a PhD Student at the University of Otago and lead author of the study.

That means the 'no ozone volume' chart, if it existed, would be going through the roof.

They can't publish the physics, but the ozone hole was always a stratosphere temperature thing.  If you look deeply into the literature, you will find nosa's own lab reporting that the famous phoney reaction could never take place in a near-vacuum, at -90.  No chemical reactions take place.  So, no ozone formation in the first place.

The famous ozone canard set the stage for 'greenhouse gases' which also cannot exist in a wildly convective atmosphere.

This world of fantasy is slowly crumbling.

In fact, I am now hoping New Zealand leads the physics charge.

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