Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Sea level thermometer goes down


This is my favourite general thermometer for the earth.  It has shown all the previous warming and cooling periods.  This includes all the historic warm and cool periods - 1930's dust bowl, and the 1940's freeze that left the nasties freezing on the Russian front.

You can see that our recent warm spell was nothing special.  This tide gauge has the unique property that it is absolutely still.  It neither rises nor sinks.  That is not true for almost all the others.  nooa has taken to calling 'local sea level' as 'sea level' which is an ambitious meaning change.  These coasts rise and fall like toilet seats, and they only show the ones that are sinking.  Neat piece of work.

It was Darwin, in his journal of the Beagle, that defined the rising and sinking of coasts (among others).

After our 2000 to 2016 warming (hockey stick), it has become flat.  It should go down soon.

The daily air temps are going back into the crowd, but I have no clue as to why this chart has a summer season for the whole world, so I think it is crap.

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