Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Arctic Spill Time

 This isn't your usual Arctic spill.  As you see here, the Arctic is a balmy -30C

It's just that it is getting hit by two warm plumes, and is squeezed like an orange.

Producing a strong spill through Canada and Siberia.

The UK is saved by a warm plume up the Atlantic, and BC has a plume from the micro El Nino.  

They are enjoying monster storms. Our Canadian spill will cause cold weather in Toronto, and might even lift the natgas prices in the US.  The traders are still spinning dreams about warmth.

That warm plume hitting the UK was caused by a very rare reversal from the Pacific.  It should be the last one, but everything is chaotic right now.  I won't talk about poor Spotty.

ps.  and the weather people are reading my blog, leaning towards physics -- neat.

They have never used the word "plume".  Next, they'll be hitting on the phoney El Nino...

pps.  the main El Nino cheerleader, is now casting doubts, but using old pictures.

Watching the phoney El Nino story crumble, is a barrel of laughs.  They are saying it's not doing anything, but will, any time soon.  My feeling is that they will soon 'ghost' it.

more:  I can't believe the weather people are abandoning Polar Vortex Vacuum Fairies, and the Dancing Jet Stream....

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