Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Linux - All amd's go to heaven

 We've just come off a horrendous time for amd's with the built-in gpu.  i'm glad I wasn't the only one, It is most important to stay in the main bulge of users with your equipment.  For a while, I thought the old machine was out of it, and I got some new stuff.

Starting with kernel 6 something, my system went haywire.  Long story short, kernel 6.7 has finally settled it.  I have abandoned the big monster with magnetic drives, and gone for a super-little box with ssd drives.  it's just as fast, with a Ryzen 7, lots of memory, and a 1tb internal ssd drive, with an external usb 2tb ssd drive.  Such are the joys of Ammie Black Friday.

I'm just keeping the big guy around for the drives.  I had an idiotic disaster that wiped both drives, and that started me to lose faith in the hardware.  First was not looking at the defaults for gparted, and the second was a horrible superblock problem.


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