Sunday, November 26, 2023

Linux -- The Modern World

 Nothing much had changed in the last 10 years or so, and now it is an explosion.

Just a few months ago, my large server threw a disk drive, and I got a magnetic one (big mistake).  Then my huge motherboard started blinking out.  The mini PC at the top is a few months old, and the black one top right is a new one, with twice the power and a 1tb internal drive.  I'm using that as my main Linux server now, the other one is for the video cameras.  An old hdd is bottom left.  The little black box is a 2tb ssd drive that I got a few weeks ago, and the tiny black square is a new one for Black Friday that is the same price, 4tb and twice as fast.  

At the top is the Coral AI machine which is faster than the computers in AI recognition tasks.  My old computer is the size of an old hatbox and is going to recycle soon.  

The new super-small computer is a Ryzen 7, but doesn't have an ethernet, just wifi.  I got a little ethernet adaptor with 3 extra usb slots.  

Now is the time to ditch the mag hdd's of your life.  Like my old one, they will give out on you.  The ssd's should last my remaining life, but I'll probably replace them for smaller and faster.  Neat.

My ethernet cable system is still 50% faster than a new nest wifi, so I like to use it, and I have a big switch.  That should last a while.

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