Friday, February 19, 2021

Tropical plumes expected to shatter Bob the Blob


Now, here's the challenge between conventional weather forecasting and my hypothesis.  Our 7 day forecast can only start when plumes penetrate the continent.  Even though, it's probably more wrong than right, but who keeps track?  Once the plume hits the land, it doesn't have the chaotic influence of ocean currents and comes in on a straight line.  

Our 7 day forecast now has these plumes hitting us, and it will be warmer.  To do that, they have to destroy Bob.  My hypothesis has them bouncing off Bob, and doing nothing.  If Bob can get by the Great Lakes, then we have some kind of cold.

This is a great test of the hypothesis.  If it is shattered then I shall believe in Polar Vortex Fairies, or maybe not.  It's no big deal to lose a hypothesis, even though lots of people treat it as death.  I know what it is like to propose something threatening to another's livelihood. It's not pleasant, and I'm glad nobody reads me.

Bob the Blob can only be checked at night, when all the day heat is gone.  In fact, that may be the mechanism for movement.  The lower latitudes warm up the bottom section, which rises and becomes less dense.  The cold air moves down, and the warm air settles at night.  It's a marvelous mechanism, easily checked by balloons, financed by Alberta (ha, ha!).  

We'll see in a few days.  If Bob does come down on us, then the warmies will say they predicted this all along, in a big story, after the fact.  And everybody will suck it up.  Yeah for them!


Brent said...

I hate to say it but I hope your right.

Harold Asmis said...

I know. Mixed feelings about an ice age, or a predicted earthquake. Lots of people dead. But, unfortunately, group-think always ends in a disaster. Is the 'prophet of doom' to blame?

Brent said...

A lot of this this weather is from the wind chill factor. The weather man only goes out 3 days. Your logic makes sense to me.