Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Cold blob coming at us again

 The tropical plumes are hitting the continent but getting nowhere.  We are getting ready for another Texas-freezing cold blob.  Our little warm section of Canada is now at 50 below.

The 'warmer than normal' section at the North Pole is gone.  In reality, it was 30 instead of 50 below just like Greenland right  now.  

That section has now hitting the comforting 50 below.  That's how the first blob started, but more over to the west.  This is just another party for the 'polar vortex fairies'.  They have fun when the 'jet stream dam' is busted open.  nusa can't hide the world temperatures forever, they have to come out.

As we know, all this unexpected stuff can be explained away by adding new stuff to the climate change story.  It's not like there's any weight to having predicted all this with basic physics.  The second blob will have some good stories.  Can't wait.

ps. looking at this chart, I can say the warm cycle started in 1998 precisely.  

Because of the noise, it doesn't yet show the end which is 2017.  And this blob will proceed as a 'Blob Glacier' and will hit us in a week.  This time, the upper great lakes won't act as a shield.  Toronto will hit 30 below and Huntsville -40.  


Guardian Heat


Brent said...

Are you saying that the weather forecast for are area isn't going to be warm as they are predicting right now.

Brent said...


more of the white stuff

Harold Asmis said...

It's another glacier blob and will hit us hard.

Brent said...

The top picture is what is coming to us or the projection for our weather pattern.

Harold Asmis said...

It's off to the 'backgrounder' for you! The top picture is the temperature 'anomaly' which is just the average taken out. So you can be colder or warmer than usual. That spot has been warmer. Now it is colder. Moreover, it has hit the magic 50 below where it becomes a new physical entity -- a blob. Nothing can bother it. It slides down south, sucking in all heat energy. This one will go down more to the east and will freeze the Florida oranges. The current one is taking a vacation in Texas, where they don't build houses with basements. sad.