Friday, February 5, 2021

Recent extreme cold is tied to climate change


I was waiting for this.  This is hard on the heels of 'Climate Change Caused Covid', which is another great headline.

So you think, it's getting really cold, and finally a relief from those headlines.  Nope.  Everything is caused by climate change.  Future headlines:

Abnormal huge amount of Arctic ice caused by climate change

Freezing weather is climate change, too

Ozone holes grow because of climate change

UK winter weather 'beasts' caused by climate change

Climate change caused by climate change.

Also, you would have to work hard to say the ocean water is warmer.  The Gulf Stream is now colder than ever.

I love that the warmies are just making stuff up.  I alternate between fear and amusement.

ps.  The UK is caused by climate change


Penny said...

You love that the warmies just make stuff up?!
Shakes head. you must like the punishment
It's freezing today, we have a snow squall warning coming off Lake Erie. Lots of open water still- means lots of snow.

Love your hawk-
Are you sure it's a baby? Younger hawk?
Can't tell from the picture but know there are a number of small hawks around these parts.
Saw one today chasing a bird- the bird survived the chase. The hawk lost that round
but saw the hawk come back for the hunt in another locale nearby

Also got to see the bald eagle today- what a sight
twice- just 40 feet above my head in not one but two trees (same bird flew along the river) and I ran after him like a typical birder- hehehe
He stayed still for about 45 seconds.. my eyes teared up
He was awesome- his silhouette is unmistakable
His white head and tail- flying over the water
It made my day- For that matter my week
It's been a tough week

Harold Asmis said...

Yeah, Google Lens identified it as a hawk, then I looked up the pictures, knowing that we have red-tail hawks. Big Momma has a wingspan of 6 ft! I saw her up close once as she was going after a squirrel. Neat.

Harold Asmis said...

As for the warmies, before they used to just select from a ton of observations. They don't have those now, and they just make things up out of the blue. It could bother me, but I have drugs.