Saturday, February 27, 2021

Full Blob Attack!


This one is twice as big as the texasfreezer.  It is about to hit Lake Superior, and the Great Lakes have turned back two blob attacks so far.  There's nothing Texas can do, except drain the water pipes.  And this is never forecast until the town is right into it.  

There's a good-sized plume trying to attack it, but it looks like it is being deflected.  

The blob is like a landslide starting.  Very slow a the top, but quickly picks up steam.  Should hit Texas in a day or two.  If it breaks through the Great Lakes, then the other southern states will freeze.

ps.  yeah for slime mold!


Very simple physical properties can make it self-propelled just like Blob Bob.  :)

pps -- New Insight!  The edge of the blob is hardened by the rotating jet stream.  Neat.


Brent said...

kids still laughing at you. Tuesday morning looks like it will a little cold around here.

Harold Asmis said...

Those darn kids are always laughing at me. Just outside the blob, all the forecasts are warm.

Brent said...
I'm betting on you.

Harold Asmis said...

I wouldn't bet with real money, like day-trading in natgas futures. There's very powerful westerly plume action, and I'm hoping the blob holds firm.