Thursday, February 4, 2021

Covid - The Great Physics Disaster

 We now reap the whirlwind, by letting no-math biologists take over everything.  

First is the physics of evolution, which is considered to have no physics.  The basic physics is that each mutation must have an immediate benefit in that particular environment.  There can't be any backsliding, because reproductive success is everything.

Covid is now our wonderful example of this because it is happening so fast.  The other thing that biologists don't understand is all the implications of exponential growth.  It is awfully slow before it breaks out, so most likely covid was all over the place before Wuhan.

A disease must evolve.  It doesn't just spring from a Chinese lab, ready to go, nor does it cough out of an animal, ready to infect humans.  It is an incredibly slow process, one tiny mutation at a time, and only the ones that advance the process are the ones that count.

Actually, I'm stopping here because telling these people about physics is hopeless.  Maybe 10 years from now we'll read something.  :(

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Harold Asmis said...

Sorry, I was so excited to write a big thing, and then I thought that I'll get that English Earth guy after me. Shudder....