Friday, February 26, 2021

Follow the blob in real time

 Third time's the charm.  I usually have to wait until the morning to get a full minimum temperature black blob picture, but the tropical plumes also give the picture.

You can see the clear area descending.  The tropical plumes bend around it.  The towns fall by the wayside, as red warnings go up.

Just below that, it's all 'la la la'.  I know I've been wrong more than once, but THIS IS IT!  It's a real wolf!  (maybe).  Can the winds stop it?  


Brent said...

I am cheering you on. I need more explanation on min max and avg. I googled that yesterday and it went over my head.

Harold Asmis said...

The real question is whether my hypothesis holds up, and that it is better than the forecasters. However, we need physics, which is expensive and involves balloons, drones, etc. We can wait for another hit on Texas, and maybe money will be released. blah.

The physics would determine the physical properties of the blob.