Saturday, February 20, 2021

No more against 'The Narrative'

 I have found, to my great sadness, that the 'narrative' is being pushed harder.  The narrative is 'climate change' and all its great changes.  It started with simply not funding anything that ran counter to it, and has come to a very hard push to get rid of any physics that goes against it.

It is obvious to me that we are getting colder, but there is no more proof of that.  All geophysics is being wiped out.  Soon we will just have staring outside saying 'It's getting colder.'  And then huge amounts of money going into long explanations on how that doesn't go against 'climate change'.

I had hoped that by now there would be some breaks in the cloudy sky, like people doing actual physics, but that's now as scarce as hen's teeth.  We are just going to have endless stories.

I'll follow the Texas Blobs for now, but that doesn't mean much.  I'm going to stop making fun of the UK, now that Spring is coming.  We'll have a nice summer without too many cooling degree days.  July will be fun at the cottage.

Nusa and nuaa have gone beyond merely ignoring physics, they are actively squelching it.  This is not a 'conspiracy' but standard bureaucratic group think.  We have entered the 'Dark Ages' where Aristotle-like declarations and 'consensus' rule the roost.  

There are some huge Pacific tropical plumes coming in, and this is typical Spring weather.  We have one more chance for a big winter push, but it's 50/50.  Thanks.


Brent said...

You talk sometimes about housing. That is another narrative that I agree with you. Or my biggest narrative of buy the dip in the stock market.

Harold Asmis said...

I've got housing and earthquakes. And they can't kill the tide gauges. :)