Thursday, February 11, 2021

Pushing earthquake engineering

 Wow, the Ghery cheap condo towers which will never be built.

One of the ancient laws of earthquake engineering is 'Be Symmetrical'.  But that's boring.  The new mantra is 'Be Extreme'.  Being condo towers in Toronto, the towers will sit on a transfer slab over a huge parking, shopping, and office section.  They are combining two very bad things.

I'm not saying anything because they are so beautiful.  I'm just hoping for a moderate 'education' earthquake that just cracks things (in some other city).  Nothing monstrous.  However, who can sell shoebox condos these days?

ps.  I visited a condo with multiple towers and a huge transfer slab.  The earthquake will come but the real horrible thing is constant fire alarms with all towers tied together.  Blah.

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