Friday, February 19, 2021

Natural gas prices zoom better than bitpenny


Wow, I predicted this years ago, which was totally useless.  The price went down the toilet.  But look at it now!  I think it may have crashed in the last few minutes, since the gas can't be delivered to frozen-pipe Cruise-Country.

This is the fun shot of storage.  My general thought is if the storage goes down to the final slurp, then things get interesting.  But it turns out that Texas has no storage and all their sources are frozen.

This is a chart that warmies should pay attention to, but they don't.  Degree-days are an integration of the general 'coldness'.  They are not a 'spot temperature' that can be cherry-picked.  You would say that a winter has been colder than usual by the degree-days.  The summers can be evaluated by cooling days.

Finally, the central-trumpy US is on its knees.  If Blob2 the Bob breaks through the Great Lakes then there is a total disaster.  No gas at all.  We're okay in Toronto, just turn down the heat on the permanently empty office towers and empty condos.  :)

So, let's all hope the 'Great Lakes Heat Dam' holds.

 ps.  a large normal earthquake in Oklahoma, celebrating the natgas prices.

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